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About me:
Richard Fanthome Croydon Tuition by Teaching is the KeyI'm Richard Fanthome. I specialise in teaching GCSE English Language and Literature to students in Years 9, 10 and 11 (or Grades 10, 11 and 12).

I also tutor a limited number of younger children online English, maths and science.
I am a British trained teacher with Qualified Teaching Status and I have been teaching for over 23 years.  I have taught mostly in London schools but also abroad (4 years in El Salvador). I now manage my own business:Teaching is the Key, providing high quality, one-to-one tuition.  

New online tuition (via Zoom, Skype etc) has made teaching anyone, around the World, possible. My furthest student, this year, was in Hong Kong.
I love to see my students learn and most of all - enjoy their learning!  I care about their feelings towards their own learning and I care about how their parents and teachers feel too. It's incredibly important that the teaching "fits" the student - so each lesson must be tailored for that student.
Successful learning involves many factors. At school, learning, testing and time pressures can be stressful and whereas a little stress is good - DISTRESS is definitely bad! The year of 2020 certainly brought extra stresses too!
Richard Fanthome Croydon Tutor www.teachingisthekey.co.uk
My tuition aims to change the stress into a positive, motivated "push". I excel at increasing student confidence - and that always leads to success! Students feel happier about their abilities, they produce work of higher quality, exam grades improve and teachers and peers notice the difference.


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